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"The largest penis in the world" has become one of the most popular inquiry phrases with the most popular search engines. You should better check it for yourself: just type this phrase in the search line of your favourite browser and see the number of links found. It should be over half a thousand, at least!

- Could be such high interest towards the largest penis parameters be defined as obsession?

Yes and no, at the same time. The majority of those interested in the subject of the largest penis are owners of perfectly normal average penises. An average male penis should be about 6 inches when erected, and that is perfectly enough for mutual satisfaction of partners, when having sex. Still, lots of people, especially in younger age groups, have a tendency to be kind of actually obsessed with the idea of having the largest penis in the local neighbourhood, or on the campus, office or gym, etc. So, they start looking for ways and methods to achieve their objective. Such methods are widely available nowadays. One can see lots of advertisement at online stores, Web sites, on TV and even in the advertisement sections of newspapers and magazines popular among male population of the country. So, this segment of men in search of the largest penis could be defined as cosmetic-oriented, or, probably, as ego-boosters, since they would enhance their penises for purely cosmetic and male ego-boosting purposes.

On the other hand, there are some people who suffer from their penises being actually undersized. For many of them it is a reason to live their sexual and even social lives in permanent misery. They are embarrassed to get undressed in a gym's shower; as well, they are in constant fear to be humiliated in bed with their girls, since their performance could turn out to be unsatisfactory. It is sad, but true - any guy, even if not very skilled sexually, but endowed with an impressive penis, could more than satisfy almost any lady in bed. On the contrary, the entire Kama Sutra proficiency would not compensate for a tiny penis! That means there is a segment of the male population, which is really in need of actual penis size enlargement. They do not cherish Narcissus dreams of having the largest penis in the country, they need to get well-hung, and that is all. And a piece of good news is that nowadays those guys could be actually helped to emerge from their frustration and conduct sexual life happily! For women, the science does not stand still, and also there are pills like Synedrex, if it is interesting to read here Synedrex reviews.

-Are you speaking about penile surgery?

Absolutely out of the question! May be it is not yet a wide public knowledge, but penile surgery, in addition to being extremely expensive and potentially unsafe, does not extend the penis size, technically. It just creates an effect of penis being longer than it used to be before the surgery performance. In other words, there is no way to obtain the largest penis through penile surgery!

At the same time, the penile surgery brims with potentially adverse side-effects. Among them we can mention such unpleasant complications as permanent penis disfigurement, downward pointing erections and others.

Penile surgery was never meant to be a cosmetic surgery method, since it was developed, originally, as a technique to rehabilitate people with genitals traumas and injuries as a result of an accident and so on. Later on, following the growing interest towards penis enlargement, it was offered as a method of cosmetic surgery for those interested in the largest penis. If you are not afraid of potential risks and are willing to separate with your hard-earned money - you are welcome to have a try. But you should be cautioned in advance that there are much safer and times less expensive penis enlargement methods at the market.

- What could be said about such penis enlargement methods as natural enhancement pills, vacuum pumps, penis extractors and penis extension exercise?

The practical answer to your question simply boils down to the option: do you want the largest penis effect to be temporary or permanent? Depending on the answer to this question you should develop your strategy to increase the size of your penis! In the end, all the existing penis enlargement methods would boil down to your preferences.

Nevertheless, you should realize, in the first place, that vacuum pumps and herbal sexual enhancement pills will never build the largest penis for you. Vacuum pumps are one-time action devices to create a good hard-on for people with erection problems. For this or that reason people lose their natural ability to have a hard-on when sexually aroused. A pump will come handy in such a difficult situation. But it should be applied and operated immediately prior to making love each time. Afterwards, when the pumping gadget is removed from your penis, the shaft returns to the same size as it was before the pumping. No penis extension after-effects whatsoever!

ON the other hand, some people lose the ability to get sexually aroused in situations, which call for some passion and erotic response on their part. This is called a low male libido syndrome. Low libido is, at the same time, one of the reasons for erectile dysfunction, too. All-natural herbal pills, containing powerful aphrodisiacs, vitamins and blood-circulation enhancers have proven to be actual male libido boosters. Still, they do not improve the dimensions of an undersized penis, alas!

There are only two options left for the seekers of the largest penis: a penis extender (stretcher) and a system of natural penis extension exercises.

- Do penis extension exercises have any actual advantages over penis extenders?

Yes, they do! The best thing about natural penis enhancement exercises - and their greatest advantage, so far - is that you can enjoy their benefits absolutely for free! They provide any seeker of the largest penis with perfectly safe and affordable method to achieve the goal. With a good system of penis extension exercises, provided you practice it correctly and persistently, you are guaranteed to see positive and permanent results without the need to ever risk your health!

Are you unhappy and frustrated because of tiny size of your penis? Are you in search for a trusted, proven and a guaranteed way to get an impressive manhood safely and practically for free? Consider your search complete: natural penis enlargement exercises are your choice of getting the largest penis in the neighborhood! Do not waist the precious time, order a DVD with training course today and make your penis a veritable monster in a matter of weeks! The result depends solely on your self-motivation and determination!